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Half Life and killswitch
20 63%
Pinkerton and killswitch
7 22%
The Red Album Deluxe Edition
5 16%
Voters: 32.
So I have around $15 laying around in my room, and cant decide what to spend it on.

My options:

1.The original Half Life($10) and a Killswitch for my guitar($4).

2.A CD, Either Pinkerton, ($8) or The Red Album($13 for the deluxe) by Weezer. If I get Pinkerton, I can still afford the killswitch.

So what should i pick???


Im not gonna save it.
No food/drinks.
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Pinkerton and Killswitch.
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Save it!!!

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Half Life is easily obtainable now...

So go for the album and killswitch.
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you not got HL2? get it instead, unless you desperately need hl1
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you not got HL2? get it instead, unless you desperately need hl1

I have the Orange Box for 360. And even if I wanted HL2 for the pc (which I do), It wont run it. I have a crappy graphics card.
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