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There didn't seem to be one already, and from what I've heard of him he seems pretty good.

Anybody got any album recommendations?
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Crystal Silence, with Gary Burton, is my favorite.
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I love his album with Bela Fleck.

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yeah, Spain is one hell of a song!
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yeah I really don't know about Chick Corea's more recent work - I think he should **** the Scientology crap and make some real honest music like he used to before. I think I'm one of the few people who don't like any of Chick Corea's electric projects (save his work with Miles Davis' Bitches Brew) - I never got the whole thing that he tried doing with RTF or the Electric Band.

Apart from Crystal Silence which Resi mentioned, I would highly recommend his 1968 album "Now he Sings, Now he Sobs" with Miroslav Vituous on bass and Roy Haynes on drums. Now that's what I want to hear from Chick Corea.