Anybody have any opinions about this? Though I'm absolutely hopeless at it I like the way the stuff sounds.

EDIT: Oh yeah, Buddy Rich is incredible.
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Buddy Rich.
Bands I've seen live:

Def Leppard
Alice in Chains
Foo Fighters
Rodrigo y Gabriela
I love love love Jazz drumming.

I don't care what any of you say, Mitch Mitchell is the best jazz drummer out there. I also like Lenny White.
billy cobham

and i don't know if you'd consider it jazz, but Nathaniel Townsley has got GROOVE

youtube search for him


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I really like Max Roach, but I am an Art Blakey man, all the way. He was insane on the drums.
Dave Weckl is my favorite.
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Gene Krupa, Tony Williams

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Dave Weckl is my favorite.

hahah ohh man, you were the last person who I thought would say that. I'm going to put you down simply on the basis of selecting the drummer with the worst hair

on a more serious note, the threads kinda redundant, but if we're talking strictly straight up jazz drumming (and that is?) , I'd probably have to go with Jack DeJohnette and Elvin Jones. Also Idris Muhammed.

For more contemporary approaches to jazz drumming, Billy Cobham for sure, and obviously Vinnie Colaiuta and Tony Allen (Fela Kuti's drummer).

Some of the newer guys that I really dig would be Billy Martin and Stanton Moore, as well as Keith Carlock (watch this guy!).

but my current favorite drummer all round is definitely Steve Gadd.
Idk too many drummers. The drummer of my band's favorite it Gene Krupa though. Closely followed by Buddy Rich.

There's also a fabulous drummer that lives either in my town or one next to mean and teaches at a local college that used to tour with big bands and stuff. I will see if I can find a video of him or something.
1) Tony Williams
2) Elvin Jones
3) Steve Gadd

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Max Roach. Who played with Miles Davis (kind of blue era) cause I cau always tell his playing right off.

KoB was Jimmy Cobb
You know, every time I listen to Moby Dick, I definitely hear some Art Blakey in there.
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KoB was Jimmy Cobb

It was indeed. Max played with Miles earlier on when Miles was playing with Bird, just before he formed the first Quintet with Philly Joe.
lemme add a couple more to your fine list....
Michael Walden, Marc Mondesir