Which amp should i get for a practice amp?
ONLY out of these 2.

Epiphone Jr 5 watt valve amp
Vox AD15VT
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If you don't have enough for tube get a Roland Cube.

Fender Squire Fat Strat Affinity series
Some cheap amp....
Which thread should I use?

the Electric Guitar one?

EDIT: on a more helpful note, the vox will pwn in versatility, but the VJ will sound much better since it's tube. You won't get any versatility though unless you rape it with pedals. So for a practice amp, I'd go with the vox anyday.
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Vox=lots of versitility
Epi=Tiny little bit better tone

Vox, for shore


LOL, or possibly a Roland cube, just like in your sig.
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You have no experience with racks??? What kind of guy are you?
Use Guitar Gear and accessories section next time buddy.

But, if you want a good practice amp with a lot of amps and effects, look into the Vox.

If you have money to buy pedals, get the Valve Jr.

But my vote goes to the vox.
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The Vj and a cheap multi pedal will kill the vox.
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