I searched and didn't find some sort of "Ultimate Pulloffs Thread," but I have some questions...

When doing pull-offs on the high E string, I have no problem flicking my fingers off the strings to get nice clear sounds from each note, but when trying to perform pulloffs any other string, I run into a problem. There are obviously other strings below my fingers, so I can't simply flick downward or I'll cause unwanted noise. But if I don't flick downward, then my notes don't sound very loudly.

---Are you supposed to flick sort of up and off the fretboard, away from you? Or are you supposed to use left and right hand muting to combat the unwanted noise? Or maybe a combination of both?

Any tips/suggestions/input appreciated. Thanks.
Mute the strings with your left hand. Also, it doesnt have to be a huge major flick away - you just need to make it sound as audable as if u were playing 2 notes rather than hammering from 1 to another.
i position my index finger on left hand such that it mutes the string below it, allowing you to pull-off with no problems
yeah muting solves your problem, but when your playing with your fingertips,
(try it, you'll love the sound) there's no problem in pulling off without hitting other
strings in the action, as soon as your finger tip has left the string,
it hasn't yet reached the next so you can just take it up a bit..

muting is also advised anyway, as it comes in handy in so many cases

edit: yeah i've never thought of it like this, but it is indeed just a small movement, going slightly up, made possible by playing with the very tip of your fingers..
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What is this doing in the advanced techniques forum? You are posting in the wrong forum my friend.

Anyway, you are going to want to cut into the string with the side of your pick and have your fingers pressed down fairly lightly. Most players don't realize that the more pressure they place the more difficult it is to lift their fingers. Minimize your movement.

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