hey guys. after much playing with my Ibanez, i have decided to put straplocks on it. I can only choose from Dunlop, Schaller, All Parts and Fender.

i was looking at these.




i was wondering what straplock screw would directly fit in my guitar (i don't want to put toothpicks or glue on it. ) and which is the most reliable straplock. thanks.
i use schaller straplocks
if u get them make sure the nut is tight
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They all do much the same thing, and they all do it pretty much just as well as eachother.

Schaller and Dunlop have the name behind them and they both are solid as you can get, but the Dunlop ones are stupidly overpriced so I'd go for the Schallers out of principle.

Bummer you can't get the DiMarzio Cliplocks, they're the best I've used.

As for putting them on, most of them come with screws that are longer and a bit wider than standard strap button screws, so they should just screw into the hole thats already there and hold firm.
I bought the Fender straplocks off MF and the packaging says Fender, but Schaller is printed on the straplock itself....and each set Ive used have had screws that are smaller then what I took out...so I had to do the ole toothpick with wood glue trick....

just thought you'd like to know....
If u don't take ur strap on and off much, take the knobs off, place that small round piece of fabric that goes under the knob down, put the strap, then a Washer, and the knob and Screw...what I did...never came out...
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iono but heavy guitars+straplocks=fail!!!
after a while the strap holding thing begins to like... i dunno jack up your guitar. it like gets pushed into the guitar and makes a huge hole that you cannot put anymore strap holders into. i'd rather use those 2 dollar things you clip on after you put on the strap. little pieces of plastic things.
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