6 years playing guitar
3 years screaming

Ibanez Gio
Line 6 Spider Tube Amp

I can play songs from such bands as Lamb of God, System of a Down, Nirvana, Chamaira, Thrice, AC/DC, but I'm usually writing my own stuff (which I have alot of).

I have my own project titled "sepsis kiss", and im aiming to experiment with a sort of scary death metal/grunge/melodic/ambient/wayouttolunch sort of sound. If theres anyone out there in saskatoon looking for a band, give me a shout. If theres any bands looking for a guitarist, or screamer, give me a shout. I love to play, and I can honestly say that fame and fortune isn't whats driving me to jam all the time... Just the awesomeness of music and it's ability to wash away ****ty days.

hey man i am exactly like u.. ha guitarist/vocalist... not screamer tho.. jsut more heavy singing... and i like all those bands and business.. so msg me up
I am looking for a band as well, And I like your General Idea on what a band should be and the sound your aiming for. I do a lot of recording stuff too, I'm willing to Join!...Hopefully it isn't too late.