I just started learning electric guitar a few weeks ago and since then I've been doing varied exercises to build up speed,coordination and such....
Now to my actual question.I want to learn to play so I can play songs of my favourite Metalbands.So,I find alot of different Tunings that they use such as Drop C,Drop D,Drop B etc. I have got an electric tuner and I understand what flats and sharps are but for example Drop C tells me to tune the sixth string down two steps and the rest of the strings tuned down one step.So I tell my electric tuner to put in two flats so I tune the sixth string and one flat for the rest of the strings but here comes my confusement:It says tune "down" does this mean that I need to push down the sixth string on the 4th fret(two frets=one step I think)and play it or do I just need to put in the two flats and play the sixth string open???I hope you understand my question and can help me,I would really appreciate it!!!!Thank You

2 steps down mean 4 frets...I'm not sure if I understand you right.
to tune your guitar 2 steps down you have to press flat 4 times....
for 1 step, 2 times is enough.
I hope I helped.
I'm not familiar with metal tunings...I use only standard and half step down tunings.
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Oh ok I think I understand you.You mean I need to put in 4flats into my tuner in order to tune my sixth string down 2steps.I truelly think you're right.This really helps me thank you very very much!
glad sum1 understands you that question was confusing me and couldnt figure out wut u were saying
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glad sum1 understands you that question was confusing me and couldnt figure out wut u were saying
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