Hello Ug World

I am looking for a bass guitar amp proberly over 100 watts
Im looking for the best for my money
with about 600 dollars max willing to spend

I have found one in Billy hyde

one is a behringer bxl3000 combo (300 watts) and is about $550


Im just not sure if its any good. and seems relatively TOO cheap

if theres any other ideas for a amp please post

Zac Reale (system 32 bassist)
Also im Told that you need 3-4 times the guitarist amp in wattage
Is this True

coz my guitarist has 75 watt amp


also i play alot of rock such as Punky, alternative
Behringer are absolutely foul. Reading the bass forum FAQ would have told you that.
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It'll be loud. 'nuff said.

as or sounding good... bleh.
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Stay away from Behringer.
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