Which Music Theory Book?

Hi Guys,

Im looking for a music theory book, something like The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations, books that they've had for music theory and found really useful. It needs to range from just after beginner to as far as possible.


best to go with the series.

there is musicianship which go up in grades,

and the "music made easy" ones that go in the same grade, but have alot more info.

theese ones are good as you can write in the answers and practise and stuff after it tells you how.

also, internet really helps. ug has some great threads and lessons on theory, but theres good ones everywhere on the net.
I have the AB guide to music theory, and both parts helped to clear things up a lot for me. However most things I just learned off this site.
Too many of them.

Complete guitarist
Guitars complete guide
Guitars scales and chords
Jazz guitar.
Lead guitars

Even thou they say complete...they're not.lol

Something more than just DOTS.
Something gear more towards guitars tech, strumming patterns, picking
patterns, riffs, alternative tuning...ect

not just ABCD gose with E.lol

It's 3/4 and 7/8 for the reffernce 1/2 step
There's NO black keys between the E/F and B/C on the piano.

Every other notes for basic chords structures.

Circle up to the 5th..(#)
Cycle down to the 4th (b)

12 frets to the double inlays or 1 octive
3 overlaps

It's how you stum it or pick it that will create music.
check the sticky
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The best book is the bible written by Mark Levine - Jazz Theory. But you must know the basics of western music theory. So i would try to the Berklee Methods ( to learn the notes , sight-reading , jazz phrasing and etc .. ) with the Levine book to read some topics.
I just bought the Complete Idiots Guide a few days ago and its pretty good. Comes with an ear training CD too.