I've been considering making a volume pedal recently, one that'll double as a expression pedal for my zoom multi effects. the electronics are dead simple, just a few pots and jacks, but the mechanism for the wah pedal i was wondering about. I can gear it up, so that moving the pedal back and fourth gives me the entire sweep of the pot, (right?) the thing that's worrying me is putting stress on the pots if they reach thier limit just before the pedal does. I think wah pedals have little rubber stoppers, don't they? I could use one of them either side i think, would that be enough?

I've got some lego tekincs cogs lying around that might do, but i don't think they'll be strong enough and i'd rather get ones made of metal (eg: brass) for better stability and the right gear ratio. Any ideas how i could go about getting them? I could just make them myself, But i'd need a metalworking vice, and thick metal disks to start with.

I know conventional wah pedals have a rack and pinion mechanism, but i think two cogs would look much cooler and more durable.
thanks, man. I found this: http://woodgears.ca/ Which i think would be amazing if I could manage it. I'd make two wooden gears really long (like2-3 inches) to give them more strength, then use two lego gears for the bit that actually connects to the pot, I think i'd just buy the one sheet of exterior plywood and use that for the construction and a length of thick dowel for the axel. I have some old skateboard bearings lying around, which i could use so the dowel - chassis bearing doesn't whear down after a while, the only problem with that is it might be too slick, so I can't set the pedal half way and leave it. Would the pots be enough to hold the pedal in place? (bearing in mind they're geared up) if not is there an easy way to add a bit of friction?