I was playing classic guitar a little bit, and now I wanna take up playing an electro as a hobby.

I searched for advise on the internet but people say various things. So I am a little bit confused right now.

I am thinking about Cort X6 or Cort Viva Gold 2. What would you say? Are these guitars' quality okay for a starter.

What do you think about Cort guitars? Should I buy another brand?

A friend of mine says that I should buy a Fender.

I would suggest just buying a package combo.

Comes with the guitar, a practice amp and sometimes a case.

Fender Ibanez and Epiphone have quite a few of these combo deals and they're fairly cheap. Mostly under $300.
well i prefer something a little more professional. cus i dont really want to change it after a few months of learning.
The amp determines most of how professional you sound. A starter guitar should get you two years in. If you're playing solidly after a year or two, then it's worth getting something nice.
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budget is 300$ to 400$. but sure if you advise something cheaper, better it is.

i agree that i cant feel the difference much since i am a starter. but a low quality guitar makes your enthusiasm go away. at least people say that.

i wanna use my lap top and 4 + 1 as an amp. do i have to buy a new one?
Do you mind buying used or would you rather have something new? Keep in mind that you can get better quality gear on the used market for the same budget as new gear.
still i would rather buy a new one. i don't want to change the chords or magnetics since they wear out so easy. (in a few years of usage)

and original magnetics and chords sounds better i guess.
Unless you poured acid on them or let the dog gnaw on them, the pickups rarely go bad in a guitar. That is, unless it's a crappy instrument to begin with. Oh well, seeing as how you want to stay with new equipment, I'll put in my recommendation.

Guitar $200
Has an alder body which is a pretty decent tone wood and also has some nice spec's.

amp 1 $100
Pretty much the standard practice amp around here. Lots of great tones available out of this guy.

amp 2 $200
Not as many tones available here, but the tones you get out of this will be better. Class A tube amp.
i have seen such a beautiful guitar on that site mogar.

is that site secure to buy?

thanks for advise by the way.
Yes, musiciansfriend is a very safe site to order from. I've done business with them 3 times in the last couple years and each time my order was processed quickly and accurately.