So guys its another whih guitar thread UNFORTUNATLY. My question is is it worth buying a STAGG?
Ive been looking at this one at the moment (the last one)


Maybe just check out the other guitars on the website as it is the music store closest to me I live in south africa. The guitar has to be cheap and good as i own a cheap a** strat ripp off whci h is nice but not good enough i wanna play more the punk rock stuff and im still kinda a beginner.
to be honest i dont think it matters if it is closest.. most guitar websites ship all over the world.. a good website for guitars is http://www.maxguitarstore.com/

hope you find a guitar you are looking for
paramore Bellz
I wouldn't buy a Stagg.

If you're a beginner, they make great beginner guitars but there's other stuff out there, cheap Ibanez's, for example, that are around the same price and are much better.

If you're on a budget though and just want a beginner guitar, I'd buy one!
Ibanez GRG170DX
A crap little half-size starter guitar

Digitech RP90

Roland Cube 30X
A cheap 10W