Erin's Song

Verse 1
I don't always know what to say to you
I dont' always know what you mean
i don't always remember yesterday
I know this sin't much I have to say

Chorus 1
But I sing my song
And I am mostly wrong
I only care because i know
If I care then i'm your friend
If I'm your friend I am again
Another face to learn and know

Verse 2
You don't always comprehend the words I say
You don't always say hello or goodbye
You don't always keep me company
You know I'm not someone to always be around

Chorus 2
but you sing your song
and you are never wrong
You only care because you know
If you care then your my friend
If your my friend then you're again
Another face I learn and remember

Verse 3
We don't always say the words we mean to say
We don't always see eye to eye
We don't always try to complicate our terms
We know a friend is just a friend in the end

Chorus 3
So we sing our song
And we are sometimes wrong
We only care for deep inside
We know the words we meant to say and never will
we're just two people in the years growing old