I have a Fender 410 Pro amp. it has a Speak-on connector on the rear separate from the 1/4" parallel inputs. This is a 300 watt continuous/ 600 watt program amp. Can this be hooked to my PA as a subwoofer?
most likely not. Especially with the 4x10 speaker configuration it's more like a low-mid enclosure. So it will produce sound, but it won't give you the feel of a 15" or 18" subwoofer.
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yes, it can be used as a PA cabinet. although it won't be an effective sub. subs are generally 2x15" or 2x18" cabs. using a cross-over the cabs receive only the "sub-bass" frequencies, thus reinforcing the bottom-end.
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I played a gig where i had recived my 4x10 Carvin Cab but no Head yet. We tried to use the cab, hooking it into the subwoffer channel. It worked ok but it was like we had some crappy kinda speaker that had a bad low end. Its not worth it, just get a sub.