I know i'm not alone in this but i've been waiting a good two months now for a lesson i dubmitted to be accepted (so long in fact that it doesnt even appear in the "awaiting acceptance" bit on the contributions section cos its too old). Come to think of it, i dont think there's been a new lesson in like 2-3 months. Whats up with that?!
I dont think there has been a new lesson since october
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*opens happytimeharrys head* *finds nothing*

what a ripoff

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you face got rejected!....im sorry i dont know what that was. Nah i'm sure it didn't. As the above sed there hasnt been a new one in aout 8 months! haha. Is there a way we can get UG to pull ther finger out?
Yeah we do need some new lessons i think :/
not good
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Ah very good point. Charlie__flynn, you've out smarted me


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