does anyone have some experience with the electro harmonix holy stain?
Is ist value for money?
Are the digital effects good, and is the reverb good?

And if you don't recommend it, what do you recommend in the same price category?

I'm sorry for my crappy english spelling.

It's not great. The reverb isn't as good as the Holy Grail, the Tremolo isn't as good as the Pulsar and the Pitch Shift just isn't very good.

Also, the clean channel of the pedal still has a little bit of gain so you never get a proper clean tone.
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it's alright, especially for digital, but yeah it isn't as good as their analog pedals. Never had a problem with not getting a pure clan tone when the distortion was switched off though. My main gripe with it is that you can only use distortion +1 of the other effects at any given time, meaning you can't like use tremolo and reverb at the same time, which is kind of annoying.
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