My q is, will learning theory help my creativity? Because currently I come up with riffs just by sitting down and letting ideas pop into my head and go from there instead of using any theory.
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Not really, but it's a good thing to know anyway.

You can learn how add texture to your chords, how to harmonize, how music works.
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Maybe, if you know nothing now. Theory would help you not make crappy sounding chord progressions
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Yes, and a lot. People think learning theory will stifle their creativity, and that's simply ridiculous. Theory is a collection of ideas about what sounds good, based on the experiences of musicians over the last 500 years. There are no rules in theory, except for naming. You can always play something that isn't explained by standard theory, but you'll be able to know what you're doing, expand on ideas when you're stuck, and create new ideas more easily.
Theory will not directly affect your creativity. Experience (listening, living, seeing, etc) does that.

Theory will help you apply your creativity.