I'm building a true bypass/feedback loop pedal as my first project but I'm stuck on part of it. It uses a stomp switch with 9 lugs (3PDT I think?) that are labelled 1 through 9 on the schematic but they're not labelled on the switch. Is there a way to tell which is which or does it not matter?
i don't think it'll matter, as long as you stay true to the pattern on the schematic.

look at how the lugs are aligned. up/down or sidewise...i think that may help
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if the lugs are horizontal the levels go from row one to row two, and similarly row three to row two. In most schematics like on generalguitargadgets they are horizontal. it doesnt matter if its upside down or not it will work the same.

or in the other case if the lugs are vertical, the switch will go from column 1 to column two, or column three to colomn 2
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