yeah, so i was trying to right a solo for a song i wrote and i honestly didn't know what to play. So i started messin around with minor pentatonic and it just sounded so predictable. Anyone got any suggestions for writing better/more interesting solos?
Thanx in advance
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You could add in some dissonant notes to spice it up a bit!

I know what u mean, tried to write a solo and came up with ideas which i thought were boring, but i suppose you need to play it a unbiased person to see what its really like!
well what type of music is it?
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Just play random notes in the scale like Herman Li and Sam Totman. You have to play really fast so it sort of sounds like something. Slowly, and it will sound like crap. Faster, it will still sound weird but not as bad.
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sometimes you dont need a solo. if your jamming out on the song, and you can spontaniously bust out in an epic solo and it sounds great, then you should work on writing it. if your trying your ass off, just forget a solo, because it'll end up sounding out of place.
if you really feel it needs one, figure out the chord changes and solo accordingly. find what notes belong to each scale so they really blend and it doesnt sound like your just changing scales. dont just stick to one pentatonic scale. have different rhythems, and if your gonna shred just have like a measure of it, it makes it sound more meaningful

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Try playing within the notes in the backing chords as well as using the pentatonic scale (ie. If the rhythm is playing D Major, you could play around with D, F#, and A. If it's Am, then try using A, C, and E. etc.). Other than that, just experiment with everything.

EDIT: Oh, and try recording the whole song, minus the solo, and then humming what you imagine to be a melody that fits. Record yourself whistling and/or humming said melody over the chords and figure the notes out afterwards.
Well I think that if you want to write a solo you shouldn't really set out to write a solo. Just play the base track and fool around over it, if you can record that then thats great, then after try and recall some of the things you did that are better than others, and keep improving like that.

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