K, so I'd like to add my recoridngs and covers to UG. But, I can't because the site sais Iit's not in the right format? I use the program Audicity 1.3 Beta. I was wondering if anyone else uses this program can help me upload my songs to Ug?
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Save it in mp3 format if you haven't already.

"We recommend you to encode your mp3 files using these settings : 44.1kHz sample rate, 128kbps bitrate, otherwise your song may sound to slow or too fast."
-UG Upload Message
I belive that with Audacity you can export them as MP3's. I also belive that the files are huge when converted, around 10mb a minute. I'd just use a program like Super to convert the audacity files to MP3.
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Yup I have the same problem... i can't find a good enuff program for such work...
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