Hey everyone,

So I'm currently in the process of researching/trying out different acoustics in hopes of finding a winner that fits my budget/playing abilities. I've been playing for three years give or take and have had the 'luxury' of playing a starter Squire for all that time (she's held up well though, I'll give her that).

Anyway, backstory aside I walked into Walter's Music Store yesterday (was this my first mistake?) and thought I'd just try out a whole whack of stuff. Without looking at price, my favourite by far turned out to be a Norman ST68 CW.

See here: http://www.normanguitars.com/modelst68.htm

It had a nice sound, look and feel, all of which was getting me antsy until I saw the price. $2000!! The clerk tried to reel me in by giving the "Ill talk to my manager and see what I can do for you". She came back with $1400 (we're talkin' Cdn), no tax and a hard case (I believe it was 'Truc'? Apparently all Normans come with them according to this site though..).

Long story short, that's a lot of money and is about as much as I'd be able to pay for a guitar budget wise. That doesn't mean it's worth doing so, but ya. Im just curious if anyone has any real experience with this company/particular model and how good or bad this deal sounds. It just seemed 'too good to be true' after she knocked 600 off the price without much going back and forth.

Sorry for the essay and thanks in advance for input!
Norman's are fine guitars and I think the ST68 is the top of their line, but I doubt $1400 (CDN) is the true value for a new one. I've seen one or two used around where I live for $800 US.