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so, pit when did you go through it?

i was 11 and a half

Edit: i read the thread and alot of people said "got my first boner at like 10 or 11"
im like "wtf" because i got boners all my life since i was like 4
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well it started when i was around 12ish.

its still going on at 15
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I have no idea. But I was like 11 when I had acne and my voice pretty much instantly broke.
somewhere in my late 20's
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junior high? that would make me like 13
i think i'm done, i hope i'm done. i'm almost 18
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Started properly at about 14. 11 seems suspiciously early.

14 seems suspiciously late.
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I started at about 13... Still going on now, I'm nearly 15.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

i remember when my balls dropped. at least that's what i think it was. i could barely walk, i felt really uncomfortable and wore tightey whiteys for that time period
I dunno, it just kind of happened when i wasn't watching
sneaky ol puberty
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I remember it as being in 7th grade,
so I was 11-12

It ended at the end of eigth grade

I remember because I was always picking fights and **** that whole year,
but then calmed down before the graduation

Holy ****!
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your sarcasam amuses me

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I killed your face.

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I was a late bloomer. I don't think I really started noticing any changes until I was 14...

10. Like, I recieved the dreaded, one pube. Then like, when I was 12. My balls dropped, my sack grew a beard, and I started humping stuffed animals.

I still do that though
Around 10.5-11. I'm special
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11 or so.
Ended 16. By 17 I was human again.
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+1 to whoever gets it.

and to TS, why do you care when i went through puberty?
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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
When I saw my first porno.
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I don't really know.
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Somewhere around 10/11
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are you mad?no one on UG has hit puberty

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Tomorrow the world!

+1 to whoever gets it.

pinky and the brain?

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maybe not then!
my voice started changing around age 9, started getting pubes about age 10, started noticing getting boners at about 10/11, and my beard started really getting going around age 13/14.

as for noticing girls, that was about age 6/7.

end of puberty? i dunno if it's happened yet.
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my voice used to crack alot and i grew about 7 inches from 12-14.
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my voice used to crack alot and i grew about 7 inches from 12-14.

In what way?
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