I play guitar in an apartment that's very quiet, so I don't use an amp. I guess I could, but I hate playing at low volumes so I rather use modeling software like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, guitarport etc. with headphones.

My question is: is there really a point in buying expensive guitars? Or should I stick with budget ones. When I say budget, I mean anything in the 200$ - 400$ range. Will there really be that big of a difference between a 200$ Xaviere, Squier or SX compared to a 700$ guitar when I won't ever gig?

There's a bunch of guitars I want but I don't know if it's worth buying them for my situation. Same goes for gear like pickups.

Any thoughts? Anyone else in a similar position?
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If you're gonna use modeling software, nope, not much point. If you start gigging out with a "real" amp, then it pays to get a little better, or at least get your hands on a guitar that feels good and upgrade it to taste.

(I say this as I practice with GuitarPort and headphones. Doesn't really matter which of my guitars I use, they both sound the same)


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If you can afford it and want it, go for it. It's your money after all. Just because you aren't some pro musician doesn't mean you don't deserve the best equipment. So, my advice is to just get the guitar you really want. Don't just "settle" if you have the means to do otherwise.
I'd a mid-level guitar, 600 dollars. Mainly for better construction, and feel. Not so much for tone.
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dude if you have chops you can make a walmart guitar sing. just focus on your playing and dont worry about what kind of guitar you have.
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I play guitar in an apartment that's very quiet, so I don't use an amp. I guess I could, but I hate blah blah blah

If you get a new guitar, get one based on its feel - the neck, body shape.
Modelling software makes all guitar sound the same - little difference between a low level basswood starter or a high level mahogany guitar when it comes to modelling.
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yes, get the best one you can realistically afford. There is nothing better than having a fine piece of craftsmanship at your fingertips
I recommend a MIM Stratocaster. It's within your budget, will sound decent, it's versatile and if you decide that you want to play outside of your bedroom, it would sound good live.