Alright, I was watching this flash movie, and I heard a pretty cool riff. It's the riff that is playing while the car is moving, right after they switch the radio from Black Eyed Peas. Anybody know what song that is?
It's loading......
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its godam long

\ /-~-\ /
/ )' a a `( \
( ( ,---. ) )
\ `(_o_o_)' /
\ `-' /
| |---| |
[_] [_]
I doubt you'll find someone on here willing to watch the entire thing, so why not try emailing the creator of it?
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can't tell you i'm afraid.

btw that wasnt the black eyed peas. that was the origina, they covered it.

how can you tell? the movie was made before 2003. check the caption below it.
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right after they switch the radio from Black Eyed Peas

are you ****ting me?
good god.
black eyed peas!?

long live the king

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are you ****ting me?
good god.

Hey man, settle down. I know that that's the original, I just don't know the name and I wanted to refer it as something. I know BEP covered it.
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black eyed peas!?

long live the king

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