Not really, but what would happen if someone went up to a cop, and just asked to be taken to jail? They didn't do anything wrong, they just want to go. Would the police have to take them, or would they have to tell him to do something wrong first?
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They wouldn't
it cost money to jail people so that person would be a waste of money
maybe if you did something in front of a cop thats illegal, then maybe
It takes hours of paper work to put someone in jail......It would just be a waste of time to them. just do something very illegal in front of them
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there's only one way to find out...

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they would never be told to do something wrong... the cop would prob just tell him to go away and if he didn't then he might get arrested for wasting police time or harassing an officer... then he would have done something wrong

so no he couldn't go for doing nothing

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If you want to go to jail just do something against the law. Damn, sometimes people can be very stupid.
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he wouldn't, because he'd be setting himself up for an unlawful imprisonment suit.

you can't imprison someone for nothing.
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ask them to take you to jail and when they say no, just punch them in the face. they will take you to jail then.
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If you want to go to jail just do something against the law. Damn, sometimes people can be very stupid.

Obviously. What's the point in going to jail if you don't blow something up first?
Molest a child because they will love you in prison if you do that..

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There was once a lady that wanted to quit smoking and tried everything, then came to the conclusion that jail would work because she would not be allowed cigarettes. She asked them to take her in until she quit, but because it wastes tax payers' money and the time they could be spending elsewhere, they said no. She offered to pay for it as well but I can't remember how that ended up. You could try it I guess. If the officer was bored/off duty he might lock you up for five minutes if you explain you want to know what it is like. Eh. Let us all know though!
Rather pointless, random thread! :p

Anyway, they wouldn't do anything. They'd probably take you to a mental hospital though!
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Molest a child because they will muder you in prison if you do that..

Source: Personal Experience

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