Ok im trying to trade or sell my Crybaby from Hell. It is in perfect condition i think i still have the box ect. It just doesnt fit my set up any more. I keep my gear in great condition so im not looking for anything less.

so what im looking for:
- cash
- a nice vox wah
- any of the dunlop jimi hendrix wah pedals
- digitech jimi wah
- just a new wah wah pedal you should get the feel of what im looking for
- OR a Fuzz Face would be nice
where dya live?
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i've always wanted a Dime sig wah
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search DJ Shi

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the only thing id be interested in is the neck off that fender but i doubt you're trying to part that out. Got a cash offer by chance?
no im not parting out that neck. but i do have a MIM Tele Neck up in the closet. i honestly think that im just not going to be getting to that project
give me a few days to think about it cause i was looking for a wah but ill get back to you in a few days
I have a fuzz face that I will trade. It is few years old, with a small chip in the paint, but I have used it only a few times
It is a Dunlop Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face. I bought it, then realized it didn't fit the sound I was looking for, and has sat in my house ever since. I tried to get the spots where the paint chipped off in the pics. Sorry for the poor quality, I had to take them on my webcam, it was all I had.