Poll: Why do you post in a "User Above You" thread?
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View poll results: Why do you post in a "User Above You" thread?
I truthfully want to rate the user above me
2 7%
I want to see what rating I get
16 55%
A little bit of both
5 17%
I just put in a random number. I'm bored as hell...
6 21%
Voters: 29.
No, this isn't a rant on them. They're cheap entertainment. They've got me curious about one thing though. What personally makes you post in them? Are you posting because you really want to rate the user above you, or are you just curious to see what the next poster will give you? Poll in a sec...
I never read them, ever. Just personally doesn't interest me but if some people enjoy them, thats fine.
I'm usually curious as too what the user gives me. I like to see where I stand with other people.
ah, the classic thread analyzing the other thread

i do it for a little bit of both
Living is easy with eyes closed...

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I'm surprised you returned to this thread after cheeseman owned you.
I just go online and post whenever I'm bored. :P
My ego's doing fine so i don't need a boost.

But I do like to see where I stand in peoples opinion but I don't take them all seriously.
Some advice(RARELY) might actually be useful.

Keep an eye out for that.
The rest is all BS you can laugh at.
*hopes no one notices lack-of-sig*

o noez !
we've been spotted.

my username was a mistake

get used to it.
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I'm desperately looking for the Pit's approval.

It was too easy. a cheap, crap recycled joke please!