So I've been very interested in Justin's and Paul's style of work in Tool. Specific riffs that I've wanted to learn are Sober and Aenima. I can play decently with a pick, but I thought that jumping straight into those songs would've been a bit of a jump for me. Is there anyway that I could build up this kind of playing? Or is it just a "practice and practice" thing?

Thank you to anyone that helps
It's a practice thing. If you want to get good at that kind of stuff, I recommend trying out "The Pot" or "Schism". You have to get good at the triplet hammer-on.
neither are technically difficult, sober being a chord strummed and aenima hammering on and off the second fret, for teh intro at least, try them they'll help you progress ad as your interested in them you'll push yourselves.

try schism also if you confident with those two, its harder than both but should be a natural progression upwards
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I like Schism, great bassline but isn't that for advanced players?

Not really, I'm far from advanced and I can play it quite well. I did practice the shit out of it though. I suppose nothing is "for advanced players" if you practice it enough
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Schism isn't that hard, some of the rhythms are just ackward, but come with practise.
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You might wanna try learning Forty-Six & Two as well. Might be a little hard though, I don't play bass so I wouldn't really know. I just know the bass in that song is really interesting, and you'd probably learn a lot from it.
just practice man thats the only way you'll get it. also go to tooltabs.net they have the most accurate tabs for guitar and bass. the guy who writes the bass tabs also does videos of them in youtube look him up TOOLbassplayer, it doesn't get any better that that. peace.
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Schism was one of the first songs i learned. Been playing for just over a year now and i could play it all the way through after a couple of months. Then again I found hammer-ons very easy to do (something to do with my freaky fingers probably (they bend backwards :P))
Ofc thats just me and i love Tool so had the incentive to learn some of my favorite songs as soon as i started playing.

42&2 is a pretty good bass line too, although the timing is a little hard to get down on the intro imo

Vicarious is a great song to learn, nice intro and main riff is pretty easy and would help build up the techniques you need for their other songs

And as buckdich_187 said, Tooltabs.net is where its all at, no new tabs for a while last time i checked but its only the ones from 10,000 days missing, all previous albums are accounted for