i have a fairly new amp. its about a foot high.
a little 12-watter.
not much.
but i get irritaed when try to play a breakdown and all i hear is the distortion is the pick hitting the strings.( discribed as playing open strings and all i hear is noise. no clearness to what im playing)
what do i do?

EDIT: sorry, just realized in the wrong fourm
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most likely get a better amp
or not play distorted

Maybe the guitar too?
Sunn O))):
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or too much gain on a sucky pedal(or amps built in distortion). also, do you have large humming? i had the same problem, and it was because the amount of humming was too big.
Sounds like you're muddy'ing up your signal. Try turning down the gain. What amp is it and what do you have all the knobs set to?
i only have 3 knobs,
treble and
master volume on my amp.
its ghetto,
so i keep those turned down to like almost 0
is a amp that came with a acouctic/ electric guitar.