Hey guys, I've been playing guitar for about four years now and I'm quite happy at my level of playing. But now I've been turned into a bassist. I just got a Fender P, and I want to try to get good fast. I can travel up and down the necks quite easily (guitar helped a lot)

But now I'm wonderin', what can help me get the ball rollin'?
My favorite bassists are Ben Kenny (Incubus) Chris W. (Muse) Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots)

So basically I'm a combo of those bassists, 'cause they're my biggest influences.

However I would also love to learn advanced techniques like those of Victor Wooten.

What I'm gettin' at here is, does anyone know of some great lessons? Good tabs to learn? Etc. Etc.

Oh and if you yourself were a guitar player turned bass player, how was your experience?
i AM a bassist when i first started out i just started learning a lotta stuff, anything and everything, DONT just stick to your style, you get sooo much better way faster if you play everything, my teaher was showin me some jazz and blues, i was rippin out metal and hardcore at home. i used to play just here and there not really for hours everyday, jsut once in a while, now i play about 2 hours or more everyday. so IMO play anything you see lol
Study Colin Greenwood of Radiohead, especially In Rainbows, fantastic basslines on there.

Also. Jane's Addiction check them out. Especially Three Days and Mountain Song.

But yeah, like Lasyk said, just like play as many styles as you can.
I'M not a bassist i'm a guitarist but if i were you , I would give a try on plush from Stone temple pilots.

I saw there are 12 people 5 stars rating on the bass tab on this site and i got it on guitar pro , it's not that simple and it is not the hardest song to learn abut doesn't get boring (I don't really like that song but i love creep , anyway)

Just the bass, I like it, listening on Guitar Pro. (Don't know if the version og Guitar pro on this site is the same than me but you can compare)

The one tabbed on bass (12 (5 stars) ) Seems Good!

Has I was telling you i am not a bassist but that's my advise.

Take it or leave it!
wat about flea he has some really fun bass lines u can learn with plenty of variety if u look in the rite places
With the "advanced techniques" don't run before you can walk. A lot of those techniques build on basic techniques, and therefore your advanced techniques will only ever be as good as your basics.

Check out the FAQ, that should answer a couple of questions. There's also a big "what basslines to learn" sticky. Check that out too.
I was a guitarist turned bassist
play guitar for 3 years. Got bored with it. Nothing was fun to play anymore. Ended up buying a ****ty dean bass(still my current, lol) and ive never gone back.
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