Hey guys!

Got some stuff to part with once again. All prices include shipping. Paypal is just fine.

Seymour Duncan SH-15 Custom 5 Nickel Cover
Bought this one for $95 not too long ago...they're hard to find, and expensive with the cover from the factory, but I tracked one down. Amazing pickup, and my favorite Duncan to date, but I am now using EMGs exclusively. $75

Dimarzio D-sonic
As new...came in a PRS I just bought. Great pickup, and really holds up in the drop tunings well for a passive. $65

Dimarzio Air Norton
Same story as above. $50

x2 PRS #7 Bass
By far my favorite neck pickup when it comes to passives. I was sad to part with this, but when I went EMGs, I had to stay consistent :p $70 each

Analogman Silver Mod TS-9
Amazing pedal...my favorite Tubescreamer by far, and an OUSTANDING gain boost for more aggressive rhythm or lead work. With my new amp, I just don't need it anymore. $135

Email me with any interest: etumil@email.arizona.edu

Thanks much!