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Smells like teen spirit, if you even can call it a solo..

Scar Tissue
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Boulevard of Broken Dreams XD
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Iron blimp.
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Smells like teen spirit, if you even can call it a solo..

same haha
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it was either that classical solo that Nigel Tufnel plays in This Is Spinal Tap

or it was We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

i think i've come a long way
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Fade to Black, or Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Is that first solo attempted? Or did you just bust out some metallica on your first solo choice lol .

Probably something really lame if were talking about actually being able to play it. Wake me up when September ends ......
rage against the machine - freedom

heheh. i still think they're really cool
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Summer's end - Foo Fighters, although I couldn't play it very well then.
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Siis mitä häh?
Michelo angelo batio double guitar solo
pretty easy just needed the right guitar
Smells Like Teen Spirit here too, but my first real solo was Hysteria by Muse.
knocking's first solo...
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sunshine of your love...first REAL solo XD

first thing remotely close to a solo... the bridge/solo thing in american idiot
First solo was something by Nickelback, but I can't even remember which song it was.

My first REAL solo was probably Sweet Child Of Mine
I can play SMBH and Dead Star solos by Muse but they aren't really proper solos. I can't play any proper big solos.
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first solo was probably enter sandman...........first REAL solo was Are You Dead Yet-COB.

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Teen Spirit XD
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Summer's end - Foo Fighters, although I couldn't play it very well then.

woah did you just recently start playing or what, that cd came out like almost a year ago
I'm a bassist, me no solo :-( (Although I am learning Anesthesia atm =o )