its a G powerchord...
Gmaj7 without the 3rd

whoever said A minor is retarded.
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r u rtarded?^^^

'tis a g maj7
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Quote by frigginjerk

if this is written high to low, then the notes are C, A and E, which would form an A minor chord.

if it's written low to high, then the notes are C, D and F#

somebody tell me how it's a G...
Because the notes are G, D and F#
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Because the notes are G, D and F#

if you read it high to low (muting the two high strings and the low E string), they're A, C and E... and i did miscalculate on the low to high, hence why i edited my post.

anyways, i read it high to low, and it looked like a partial A minor barre chord containing a root, fifth and minor third.
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Yes, convention is low to high, so that's how you should read it from now on. xx577x is just:
I wouldn't notate that based off G at all, actually; G D F# would be a Gmaj7 but with no third, which I don't like. I think it would be more sensible to call it a D/G, because the third of the D chord is there, suggesting that tonality. Of course it depends largely on the context, but I wouldn't see that based off of G as it stands.

TS: Go with D/G.