So i went to this club. I was talking to this girl, and we were getting along really nice. The thing is, she had a boyfriend. he told me to back off, and i did. Later on, i walked him by, and i stared ( i wasn't really sober, so whatever). then, he approached me, and all of a sudden the next thing i remember was this big fight with lots of people. we were thrown outside, and after we were talking, trying to solve things out. he turns his back, and all of a sudden he hits me with his elbow. i ended up with a bloddy nose, a cigarette burn on my cheek, and i had to go away as if nothing happened cuz he had lots of friends there, and he's the damn sponsor of that club. so damn, what should i do? besides fap? should i join a bunch of my friends and go after him? my ego is shattered and i am asking the pit for help. what should i do?