I need some new strings for my yamaha pacifica as I snapped one of mine

But I have no idea what make or size to get as I've never bought strings before.

I don't know if the sort of music I play will affect the choice greatly, but I attempt to play classic rock/rock/bits of metallica mostly... Anything from Oasis to Metallica... lol

Any advice is greatly appreciated,


Rotosound Pinks would be fine. I used those until I got my new guitar, which uses a thicker set. I'll be going back, mind.

You get an extra high E, so they're worth it. D'Addarios are good, too.
I would imagine .009-.042, seeing as that's what the majority of Strat-style guitars come with. The Roto Pinks are that gauge and the light purple D'Addarios are, too. If you go higher, you'd most likely have to make adjustments to your guitar and you might find them a little more difficult to play.
Great! Thanks very much Denthul!

I'll have a look out for some roto pinks