ok i am a complete noob at this, i read this but it makes no sense to me. The only things i know are the minor pentatonic scale, and 2 other ones i forget the names of, which my brother showed me. I need to know.. pretty much everything lol
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its the modle number of guitar,amp,pick ups and wah-wah bar,adn dont use the word noob god!
try the links in my signature... they're what worked for me

but you're never gonna be able to apply music theory until you get around to MEMORIZING THE FRETBOARD. You need to be able to find any note on any string with a minimum of effort, all the time. You need to be aware of how the notes are ordered on a guitar, and where the pattern repeats. Once you know where a note is, you can use knowledge of intervals to understand what you are playing, and therefore to guide what you are playing.
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Is someone able to move this thread into the Musician Talk Forum?? More likely to get more help there...