I was looking up some info on older Mark series amps from Mesa, and uncovered the Mark IV has been discontinued since sometime last week in preparation for the new Mark V.

Funny enough, I was really considering trying to find/play/ and/or potentially buy a Mark IV because my DC's rhythm channel isn't as clean as I'd wish it. I guess now all I have to look at is the used market, which means these things are gunna go up in price exponentially....looks like i'm not upgrading for AWHILE.

Anyways, I wrote this thread for two reasons;

A) Vent frustration over the cancellation of these previously hard(er) to find and play amps
B) To share any info on the new Mark V, and what makes it different and better/worse than the Mark IV.

So, yea, discuss away!
Why in the world did the discontinue it? why cant they continue to make old amps while making new designs too. why not still make Mark I mark II mark III and Mark IV. oh well. you cant find any Mesas near me anyway
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Theres a bunch of information about this in the Mesa Thread. It's being discontinued on account of a part not being manufactured anymore or something.

Yea, that's my option now. I was originally intent on doing that eventually, but I figured it would be nicer to get new, with the 5 year warranty and whatnot, but I guess that's not happening.


And it's already being talked about in the Mesa Thread? I'll check it out.
I'd be surprised if all shops are already out of mark IVs. Look around. Or wait for the V, you might like it better.
Exactly! Plus they won't go up in value now, it will go DOWN! Espeically if you find a leftover in a shop, which they just want to get rid of!
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I don't get why they can't make both.
or actually all the marks..

wanted to get a Mark I reissue to but it's dicontinued along with the IV
Making way for the Mark V, anybody?

EDIt: yeah, I didn't read any of the posts .
Pretty cool though.
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There are NO official plans for a Mark V, so don't get your hopes up. Some dealers have said there is going to be one, some have said that the Roadking is the replacement for the Mark IV. This discussion has been going on on the Boogie Board for something like two weeks now.
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I heard the V was going to be less then the IV.
like, a downgrade.
a more simple version or something..

In this case, downgrade = upgrade.

right on. simpler is better. more knobs means more things to interfere with original tone IMO.

i wonder how many will try to tell me that i'm wrong for saying less knobs is a good thing...
better yet, i wonder how many will misinterpret that last phrase.... a lot i'm sure
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