Hello! I haven't put a song on this forum in flipping ages! So I wrote this...the recording quality is very good I think. Anyway, thanks for listening, and anything you have you want me to listen to, post a link to your thread here. Cheers.

My Vanity, Your Love

I like it. I really like your accent. Try adding a couple of bridges in there to connect everything better. Also, try a bit less crash cymbols, they kindof crowd everything together. And try a little more complex baseline.
Thanks allot. Do you like the style? I like this happy catchy stuff, just wouldn't mind going a little darker.
Hey thanks for the crit man. Listening now. Recording sounds really cool, very interesting. I think the rhythm guitar could come up in the kick in. But i love the singing, accents always intrigue me :P. Just got to the chorus, i like the double vocals. Little bit of classic punk influences. Nice work
well done. This is really well recorded i really like subtle keys you've got in there. Really nice harmonies aswell.
Did you do this all yourself?
It's very US punk pop but with a nice twist with different accent.

The outro sounded alot like angles and airwaves but to be honest i really couldn't crit you on this.

Maybe just clean up the lead alittle.
Wow, great recording quality, but i think the vocals could be turned up just a little bit more. Overall, you did a very good job.
Hi, I like pie.

wow man, that was awesome. It sort of reminded me of the killers except a lot better musically and a lot more british. Everything about it flowed really well. The chorus is very Beatles-esque and the guitar melodies are extremely catchy. You guys will probably get signed.

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