theres a few things i wanna no.
basically i brough a guitar off my friend he's had it around 4 years but its NEVER been cleaned, the fret board has all black marks from sweat and its all gunkey 2 lol the pick ups are covered in dust.
the sound of it has never bothered me but the other day another of my friends brought a second hand guitar thats been looked after and it sounds so much cleaner and crisper then mine even tho its the same guitar.

on my guitar atm i have a set of 9's the ernie ball hot pink pack as far as i can remember but i want some thicker strings that will hold dropped c and dropped b so would 10's or 11's be better? and will the change in string affect the guitar?

and finally how long is it safe to keep the strings off the guitar while i clean it? and what products should i use?
sorry for the essay anyway and any help is great thanks
erm i know the strings thing. definitely 11s for drop B.
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Someone else should field the cleaning, but the other guitar just being physically cleaner wouldn't affect anything. It's mostly likely the strings if yours haven't been changed recently. Dropped B would be floppy and ridiculous no matter what gauge you have on there, but you're gonna want to go with 11's if not 12's to support tunings that low. Yes, the strings will affect the guitar if you don't get it properly set up. Jumping from 9's to 11's would really screw up your neck without adjustment. Finally, you can keep them off as long as you like. The only problem is what order you take them off in - try to do it fast and alternate from high to low (i.e. sixth string off, first string off, fifth off, second off, etc) to keep a reasonable amount of pull on both sides of the neck.
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take the 11's.

For the neck, buy yourself a "Fast Fret" pack. Bout 5 quid.

And a bottle of dunlop guitar polish for the body. Bout 3-5 quid.

Buy some dunlop guitar cloths/pads if you have the money, otherwise, just some normal polish cloths will do fine.
I use Ernie Ball wonder wipes fretboard and string cleaner
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