I have a cort evl-k4 but will change it with an ibanez rg321mh and when i do this i also want to change its bridge pickup. i have a roland micro cube so an active would be a bad choice i guess. i dont have plans on selling my amp and getting a new one for now just dont want the inf pickup... so which brand and model you prefer me for distortion? i am planning on using the neck pickup for cleans
will it be a big disadvantage to have a passive for distortion?and will they sound better than ibanez inf (3 or 4 dunno) or better than emg hz h4?
Any idea on budget?

Maybe think about a new amp instead?
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no not really i will buy a randall rg50tc but a lot time later. im happy with amp for now i guess. just want to get a better distortion tone out of it which i get from my cort evl-k4... i would also want clarity..not muddy sound all the notes are heard etc.
if i can get close to the COB,in flames tone and some metalcore that would be awesome
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1) don't bump your own thread after 45 minutes (08'er)
2) with your micro cube you won't hear a differnce in your tone much, so buying a pick up and wasting $100ish, you could save that up.
3) and if all you do play is distortion then an emg 81
Get t00b amp first, then pickups.
Don't spend 100 bucks just to delay the purchase of a new amp.
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You will hear no differance with a crappy amp.

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Your amp makes 85% of you sound

in other words, just go buy a metal amp and you'll be amazed at the differance. Change your pickups after that if you want
amp first before pickup. but for the pickup part, Duncan Invader, Dimebucker, Custom, Distortion for that.
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i have a roland micro cube... should i change it to roland cube 20x before deciding if i really need a super amp.??
Gibson 500T. Excellent high output humbucker. But its not cheap.
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