i am just in the process of starting some home recording
I have saved up enough money, and based on what i have read i have ear marked enough money for decent enough mic's stand ect.
What i need to knwo is what is the best USB recording interface i can get for about 100-150 quid
I have heard the line 6 tone port is good same with a Multimix USB 8 or soemting, but i just wanted opinions on what one i should get, i am not looking for full on studio quality, but good quality recording at least is what im looking for

Please just give your opinions, links to music u have recorde with the stuff you are suggesting would be good also. Also im looking for an interface which comes with software which i can use for the recording on my PC, not mac, PC

Please also dont say "save up and buy this", not an option im gonna go down, cause you can always spend a little bit more, but i dont wana go over board, i can always upgrade later!

cheers all your help is appreciated ( sorry about my poor spelling btw)