Yeah. I added ablot more material that is now more concrete. And, as normal, I can't write choruses (chori?).

Verse 1
Walking along, singing my song of rapture.
Caught In your gaze of beauty and grace.

You are my thoughts, and you have got me captured.
Please hold me near; forever I'm here.

Bridge 1
I want you to know, that baby I love you.
I want you to know, that baby I care.
Where ever I am, I'll be thinking of you.
Where ever you are, I want to be there.
To be There!

Verse 2:
Look in the mirror, see that you’re here, beside me.
Stand by my side. Source of such pride.

When you’re away, I count the days I’m biding.
Biding my time, just waiting `til I’m

Bridge 2:
Back in your arms, feeling you’re charms.
Here, there is no hate, there is no harm.
Where, where could we be, it seems so hea-ven-ly.
Are you an angel, sent from above?
To be with me?

… Break 1
I think you know that I love you,
More than the stars far above you.
More than they shine so a-blazing;
Girl you’re a-may-iz-ing me!

Random bit that will probably end up in this:
Though times we may be apart,
I know that we’ll always be
Together, in our hearts.

critique/bluntness/praise always appreciated. Have a nice Day!
I'm a pianist and a poet,
and someday the world will know it
But until then all that I can do
is play my songs for you.

Wallflower says: Thank You! But my friend Odd is, well, feeling odd.