EDIT title was meant to be you like?
Well these are my first lyrics so take that into account

Well to be honest I don't like the topic but it was the easiest to write with it flowing naturally. This is just a basic thing at the moment, I will do some more work on them if you think they are any good.


I double take at what i see
The sight of you with him
My eyes dilate
Heart shatters like glass

Now only tears i see
Now only hatred i feel

Dejected and rejected i turn away
Stealing one last glance
I won't be made a fool of
Not this time

Now it's just me and you
Your face speaks a million words
I pull the trigger of the bringer of the end

I wont be made a fool of
Not this time

They don't seem very long but i could easily add more if it was needed. So what do you think, my first time in this forum, first of many i hope ^^
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