So i'm looking for a capo but i wanna make sure i buy the right one...
I'm looking for some feedback on different makes etc.
I just want a capo to use on my 6string acoustic
so in your opinion, what brand makes the best capos?
I'd like one that'll stay working for a long time and work brilliantly
Also, any brands to avoid?
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Don't get a screw on one. It's possibly the worst type of capo I've ever used, I'd get the one that was posted above with the picture, it's just very easy, and looks reliable.
Get a spring one, like in the picture. The ones with the screws are good if you know how to use them, but it is all to easy to dent the neck, I've seen it happen. A spring capo will not damage your neck.
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yeah sorry i forgot to mention i wanted a spring-loaded clip on one anyway
so i should get a Kyser or a Dunlop?

thanks everyone
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The G7th capo is truly amazing, I've had it for years and in my opinion it beats all the other capos out there, it doesn't affect the tuning of the strings as much as the spring loaded ones. Although it is a little more expensive

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