Pretty straight forward question. I need a new amp, and I was thinking the blackheart little giant stack (Only got around 300$). It's only 5 watts of tube, so I was wondering if this was enough headroom to get some good cleans out while keeping up a 3 shell cheapo drumset.
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Probably not. The volume will probably have to be somewhere past 12 o'clock... not sure exactly when the Blackhearts start to overdrive, though.
if you want cleans then i would say only if your mic'd and have a monitor near you. never played a blackheart but ive played a valve junior <pretty much the same amp> and when it gets loud, it gets drive. its nice drive and it can get pretty loud, but if your going for clean then probably not. low wattage tube amps break up pretty fast.
the easiest thing to do would be to set the amp for a good drive sound and then roll off your volume on the guitar for cleaner tones, thanks to the way tubes work the volume coming out of the amp should stay about the same.
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