I cannot find any tabs or chords on Gnarls Barkley's new song "No Time Soon". The song begins with a beautiful guitar part and I'm dying to know how to play it! If anyone can help me out, it would be so appreciated!
then he goes into an F ... I played it with barre chords at the 6th fret for the Ebm and Bbm and then the 8th fret for the F...... should work ...give it a go and see.......
The chords sound great! Thanks so much. The timing still confuses me though.
Does it go

This could be one of those days

That's how it sort of sounds, but It doesn't sound right. Any ideas?
NO.....he plays the Ebm AND Bbm back and forth for the first 32 seconds.........

THEN at 32 or 33 seconds to about 50 seconds play the F chord only.......then he goes back to the Ebm AND Bbm

Ebm _________________ Bbm
This could be one of those days ...

Before we go our seperate ways

do this for 2 more bars....

then play and holfd the F chiord as I stated previously ...