Finally getting a new amp this week, due to my POS randall rg100g3 breaking down a second time i am now ampless and have $500 store credit at a local shop. My plan is spend that $500 plus a little bit more and buy a genz g-flex 212 and then go to my local long and mcquade and buy a hughes and kettner switchblade head which blew me away when i tried it yesterday. Any good or bad comments/experiences/advice. BTW i live in Canada and play prog/melodeath, with an ibanez rg520qs with a dimarzio in the bridge and have a carvin 7 string arriving in 3 weeks.
I'm jealous of your potential equipment.

The Genz Benz G-Flex's are great cabs, may suggest an Ear Candy Buzzbomb however? Same idea, 2x12 ported cab. Only these are around the same price, and you can get whatever colour, speakers, grill, etc you want. They are more or less the gods of 2x12 cabs as far as I know. The only thing is you'd have to wait a little longer.

+100 on the Switchblade head.
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The Switchblade is a fantastic choice. Lots of versatility and tone in those.
i looked into a buzzbomb but due to the 500 store credit and the fact the switchblade is at another store i am limited in what cabs i could get i was between the g-flex and a marshall 212 but the g-flex seemed like it could handle a 7 better, but thanks for the suggestion
Switchblade = HELL YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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