hey guys, i hold the pick with my thumb, index and middle finger, just thought id mention that before i explain my question, here goes:

when im playin harmonics during riffs, i use my 3rd finger to touch off the string to get the harmonic, instead of a finger on the pick. i do this because when i try using a finger holding the pick, i end up deadening all my other notes, as in i cant get my finger away from the edge of the pick in time to play the next note without dropping it.

would doing this and getting used to it affect my ability to play when i start to get more advanced with my playing? like, is it a bad habit i should avoid doing?

thanks in advance
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I used to hold my pick like that as well, one day I just kinda quit doing it... I've noticed it actually helped my playing. I do harmonics like that as well, no problems there.
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its like sweeping... someday you jsut pick the guitar, havent played few days and BAM it works
If you have a working way of playing harmonics I don't rlly see the problem. Unless it involves advanced acrobatics.
Also harmonics aren't a basic technique on which important things are based so if you ever feel the need of changing the way you play harmonics (maybe just for 1 certain song ) it's possible without having a severe impact on your playing.
Though that's just how I see it, I would like to see what other ppl have to say to this topic.
wow thats uncomfortable playing with three fingers on a pick

r u like a talking pikachu playing guitar?
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wow thats uncomfortable playing with three fingers on a pick

r u like a talking pikachu playing guitar?

What's with all the pokémon references? The last couple of topics I watched ALL had a pokemon reference in them :S
It might make it harder to play fast and do lots of pinch harmonics, but then again I use the same technique as you. Then again, I play bass

I've heard that using a finger/thumb that holds the pick is the best way to eventually achieve speed with accuracy on guitar, but also I've noticed that on bass a lot of the very advanced players who do pinch harmonics when playing finger-style use a similar, adapted technique. The most common one I've seen is there they pluck with their thumb and use another finger to pinch. You've got more room on bass, so maybe you need a closer pinching source on guitar because there's less space between the strings to fit additional fingers.

EDIT: It's also better to use just one finger and your thumb to hold the pick, instead of using two fingers and a thumb. You generally tense your hand up more when you use two fingers, and you don't really need the extra grip so it's not worth it for the vast majority of people.
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