Right now im in a band that plays rock/metal music. currently im using a fender 25 watt amp. it gets the job done, but does anyone have suggestions on an amp i should move up to? The most i can put to a new amp would be $300.
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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

If you don't concern yourself with AMAZING tone, the Crate RFX series has been kind to me. The RFX120 runs around 280 I think. I play a pretty good mix of hard rock and solos.
There is a slight metallic twang (slight) with it, but thats probably more due to the fact that I play pretty heavy strings. If you play one of the heavier gain channels, its hardly noticable.
save up more.
Can't get good stuff if you don't have good money. (Or are very lucky or good and win a contest)
And yeah, if you can save more, I would really recommend a Peavy Valve King, its like 450 or 700 for its big brother. Great amps.
^+1 to valveking. gettin one for myself asap...tryed it out in guitarcenter and the thing f***in blew me away!!!
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